The Nation’s Oldest Garden Cemetery 

The 2nd oldest garden cemetery in the United States is found in Bangor.  Located on State Street, Mount Hope is a gem in our community. The garden cemetery movement started in 1831 with the opening of Mount Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts and in 1836 Bangor would follow suit with Mount Hope when 50 acres were purchased.  Designed by Charles G. Bryant, the rolling hills on the banks of the Penobscot River covers more than 300 acres.

Mount Hope is the final resting place for over thirty thousand souls including numerous Civil War Generals, a U.S. Vice-President, four Governors of Maine, several Senators and Congressmen, numerous lumber barons, and a former public enemy #1 of the FBI.

Mount Hope is a place of beauty and remembrance not far from the city center where one can easily be taken back to other eras while on a tour or just getting their daily exercise.