The Ultimate Guide To Shopping In Bangor 


Bangor’s growing mall area and vibrant downtown have a lot to offer! At the mall, you can get a new look in one of the mall salons, pick out eyeglasses, try out a mattress, buy a cell phone, and have a meal with friends.

During the holidays you can visit Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Bring your kids for an experience they will never forget. The Bangor Mall is a convenient place to shop; you never know what deals you will find.

In the area surrounding the Bangor Mall, national big box stores share space with local retailers and restaurants to offer variety and fun at every turn. You never know what you’ll find next along Stillwater Avenue!

If you are looking for more locally-owned stores and restaurants, head to downtown Bangor. This area has seen lots of growth and expansion over the years and is the place to see and be seen. From quirky boutiques and cafes to art galleries and fine dining, it’s all here. You can purchase handcrafted items, clothing, beer-making supplies, wedding attire, comics, books, rare coins, shoes, fossils, home decor, artwork, jewelry, and gifts galore. You’ll find many of the business owners on hand in these local establishments, so don’t be afraid to stop in and chat. You won’t be disappointed!

photo of inside of rock and art shop in bangor maine
The Rock and Art Shop
Photo by Meredith Perdue

Take your time browsing all that downtown Bangor has to offer, and stop at a café or sandwich shop for a tasty lunch. End your shopping at one of the many restaurants in the area and enjoy local ingredients as well as the flavors of India, Asia, and Ireland! From cozy pubs to sophisticated eateries, there’s nothing like a delicious meal after a day of shopping.

Downtown Bangor is so walkable that you can spend hours meandering through the side streets to find hidden gems. Don’t forget to stop into the University of Maine Museum of Art in historic Norumbega Hall for a visit. This lovely museum is located right in the heart of downtown Bangor. Every Sunday during the summer months you can enjoy an open-air farmers market in downtown Bangor. Brighten your day with a wonderful selection of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and meat locally sourced.