The Hudson Museum: Where you can wander the world on the web 

While doors may be physically closed to the public, we are open with virtual exhibits, gallery tours, documentary videos, and a web-based app ready for you to peruse from the comfort of your home.   You can even explore the Museum’s collection from around the world–over 9000 objects ranging from Aztec temple models to Zulu spears.  

Our digital resources are designed for visitors of all ages and are great teaching tools for families learning from home or teachers looking for educational resources for remote learning.  Through our YouTube gallery tours, you can explore UMaine research on the Peopling of Maine from the last ice age to European contact, learn about the artistic traditions of the Wabanaki people, and delve into the Precolumbian civilizations of Mexico and Central America through the William P. Palmer III Collection.  Watch Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Maliseet and Micmac artists talk about brown ash and sweetgrass basketry, birchbark canoe and wigwam construction, rootclub carving and decorative traditions on the museum’s YouTube channel.   See artists gather, prepare, and make artforms that are thousands of years old and talk about passing these traditions on to the next generation.  Take a look at our online exhibits that present topics from Persian Calligraphy to Northeastern snowshoes.  You can also learn about Maine coastal shell middens and efforts to document them and preserve them from looting and coastal erosion.  Coming soon, we will be featuring our popular Look and Learn program:  Adventures in Anthropology for all young “Indiana Jones.” For groups, we can even do a virtual museum tour or field trip—no buses needed through Zoom upon request.  Best of all there offering are all FREE.

The Hudson Museum is just one of UMaine’s cultural gems.  We invite you to explore the Hudson as well as the Collins Center for the Arts, the Zillman Art Museum-University of Maine, the Page Farm and Home Museum, and the Emera Planetarium and Astronomy Center on the web and in-person when we are able to reopen our doors to the public.